How's The Market?

The housing market is very strong.

We are seeing continued sales and multiple offers on homes that are well priced. We still price homes based on comparable sales.

Our clients are usually people who are putting down roots in Lawton/Fort Sill. They are retiring or moving closer to VA benefits, or moving here for their job.

We also have a continued market for investors. They love to invest in our community because we have a transient population with the post and college who need good housing.

Companies such as our rental company, Maple Street Rentals, can manage the property for the owners, allowing them to establish income and equity over time.

In our MLS, we have 15 new construction under contract in our area, mostly outside of Lawton. Most houses sold are existing homes in Lawton.

As far as I can see we still have a housing shortage, a growing supply of houses, but plenty of demand to allow a healthy market.

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