December Newsletter


Thank you for Trusting us in 2022 with your Home Sales!

By Catherine Wright


We are very pleased to have another banner year. This year was our highest year for volume sold!


Transactions are defined as either representing the buyer or the seller for a sale of real estate.  For Transactions this year, we sold 115.   

In comparison, the average real estate agent, according to the National Association of REALTORS, has sold 8 Transactions/year. Compare that to our team’s average of  28.75/agent, and we have a lot to celebrate. 


In 2022 our local REALTORs have sold just over 2,000 properties. 1,874 of those were residential dwellings. 1,186 of the residential dwellings sold were 3 bedroom homes.


 Our local average residential purchase price is $169,877 for 2022 YTD. Homes have sold for 99% of list price and only 4.98% of them have expired. We currently have 337 homes on the market. 



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Interested in the National Housing Market? 

Here is an informative Article complete with links to more information.

Ready To Sell? Today’s Housing Supply Gives You Two Opportunities. | MyKCM

Today’s Housing Supply Gives You Two Opportunities.


From Keeping Current Matters

At first glance, the increase in housing supply compared to last year may not sound like good news for prospective sellers, but it actually gives you two key opportunities in today’s housing market.

An article from Calculated Risk helps put the inventory gains the market has seen in 2022 into perspective by comparing it to recent years (see graph below). It shows supply has surpassed 2021 levels by 58%. But the further back you look, the more you’ll understand the bigger picture. And if you go all the way back to 2019, the last normal year in real estate, we’re roughly 35% below the housing supply we had at that time.

Ready To Sell? Today’s Housing Supply Gives You Two Opportunities. | MyKCM

Opportunity #1: Take Advantage of More Options for Your Move

If your current house no longer meets your needs or lacks the space and features you want, this inventory growth gives you even more opportunity to sell and move into the home of your dreams. With more houses on the market, you’ll have more to choose from when you search for your next home.

Partnering with a local real estate professional can help you make sure you’re up to date on the homes available in your area. And when you do find the one, a professional can advise you on how to write a winning offer.

Opportunity #2: Sell While Inventory Is Still Low Overall

But again, despite the growth, inventory is still low compared to more normal years, and that isn’t going to change overnight. For you, that means your house should still be in demand among potential buyers if you price it right.

As an article from says:

“Today’s shoppers generally have more homes to consider than last year’s shoppers did, but the market is still not back to pre-pandemic inventory levels.”

Bottom Line

If you’re a homeowner looking to sell, you have more homes to choose from and can still sell your house while inventory is low overall. Let’s connect to get started, so you can have the best of both worlds.

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