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The Wright Team

Catherine & Randy Wright

The Wright's Story


Catherine developed as an artist during these formative years and attended South Carolina's Governor's School for the Arts for visual arts, learning painting, drawing, printmaking and many other mediums, during the summer of 1997. Her voice became another mode of expression as she became a soloist for her church and sang in front of thousands at a youth event. She went on to be classically trained as a vocal musician by a renowned teacher, Mrs. Gail Schoonmaker. Gail's talented husband has once taught the director of the Boston Pops.

As a young woman Catherine developed and led groups of children in various church groups including choirs, Bible Studies, Servant Projects, and Prayer meetings. Being this outwardly Christian attracted the interest of a young man who would become a Marine Reservist and later marry her, Randy Wright. Randy became a field radio operator in 29 Palms, CA after attending boot camp at Paris Island and Infantry School in NC. Randy's mother had wisely taught him to, "Be careful who you date for you may one day marry her," and he did.

Catherine attended Furman University while she dated Randy as he attended North Greenville College. Both are located in Greenville, SC. Through college Catherine continued to develop leadership skills in campus groups by organizing and leading college groups and retreats. Catherine also was an intern in various positions of church leadership including music, children, and hospital chaplaincy under the supervision of the campus chaplain sponsored program, Church Related Vocations.  She studied Chinese and lived in Shanghai, China for three months in 1999. In 2002 she graduated with a double major in Asian Studies and Art Studio receiving a Bachelors of Arts from Furman University.


Catherine spent two weeks interning for the NFL team the Atlanta Falcons in Coach Dan Reeves office. She was able to eat with the players, watch practices, and learn the inside scoop of what it takes to run an NFL team. After which, she worked for the next school year at Crosspoint Christian Academy as a teacher, teaching K-4 curriculum in the morning and Art to the entire school, as well as history, Shakespearian English, Creative Writing, and Beginner's Drama to the high school in the afternoon. In her free time she created four murals for the school and organized the library. At the end of the year Catherine switched to a new field.

As a Customer Service Representative for Armor Packaging, Catherine took the company through many transitions with the oversight of a single manager. Catherine handled much of the inside sales as well as most of the transactions helping the company go from $800,000 to $1 million in the first full year she worked there. It was simply by staying in touch with people that she was able to boost sales.

Army Life

During this time Randy became a Sheriff's deputy. He spent most of 2003 to 2007 keeping the residents of Greenville County safe. He graduated first of his class from Police Academy and made his family proud with his heroism. On Halloween of 2007 Randy decided to join another service and joined the United States Army. He attended Officer Candidate School in Fort Benning, GA before being stationed in Fort Sill, OK, just outside of Lawton, as a Field Artillery Officer. He was attached to B3-13 FA under the 75 Fires Brigade and immediately processed and sent to his men in Camp Bucca Iraq where he meritoriously served leading his platoon as they responded to emergencies in the detainee camp. He was deployed with his men for the remaining seven months of their fifteen month deployment before returning home to his family.

Meanwhile Catherine learned the ways of the Army wives as she was in leadership positions in PWOC (A Bible Study for women associated with the military) organizing retreats, teaching workshops, and helping to lead the music with her well trained voice. When her husband was made Executive Officer for Alpha Battery Catherine was made co-leader and led a very successful FRG. It was said to be the best ever, especially after having several events with most of the men and their families in attendance. The highlight was in throwing a big Christmas party for the families complete with Gifts from Santa Clause. The morale of the men soared as the FRG gave snacks to take with them during difficult missions. 

Locally, Catherine coordinated music and played the piano for Central Baptist Church helping the church transition to having a full time music minister.



Real Estate is very important to the military spouses. When Randy was commissioned into the Army Catherine was responsible for preparing their home for sale and organizing the move to Oklahoma. When the small family decided to put down their roots in Lawton, Catherine went into Real Estate to help provide for the transition away from active duty. Since RE/MAX is known to be the best Catherine began her search for a company there. After three interviews Catherine was asked to join the best and start her business at RE/MAX Professionals. In the 2010 she was awarded Rookie of The Year for RE/MAX Oklahoma. In 2012 She earned the award of RE/MAX Executive Club when she tripled her previous year's sales record. In 2014 She sold $3.9 million dollars by selling 30 houses, making her best year ever. The Wright Team Developed as Randy came back from service overseas and joined as the Buyer's Agent and Partner. He has shown a heart to treat clients with respect and get them the homes of their dreams. This allows Catherine to focus on selling houses for Owners and helping Randy close contracts.


Community Support

The family has given to many local organizations both financially and of her time. Catherine Wright helped in organizing Holiday Music in the Park for Lawton, OK, in 2012. She is a former President of Network Lawton, a networking group of business leaders and business representatives. She has lead the FRG for both A 3-13 upon their return from deployment to Iraq, under the 75th FA of the US Army and in the National Guard for B1-58 during their deployment to Afghanistan. Her current involvement in the Lawton/Fort Sill community consists of providing murals for her church and taking an active role in Network Lawton as she continues to build a solid Real Estate business. Randy is in the United States Army National Guard. They have two children, Tyson and Victoria.  For more information about Catherine Wright feel free to contact her directly.