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How to get a GOOD DEAL


3 Steps to the GOOD DEAL on a House



I get people in the office all the time who want a super good deal. I want that for everyone as well. I have seen good deals a lot. I have also seen clients make decisions that cause them to lose the deal.

1. Be Honest with yourself and with your agent.


It may seem like common sense, but treat your agent like your lawyer. They are held to confidentiality within the rules of the law. Tell them what you really need in a house. Tell them what you would like to have as well as what you are willing to have. It makes it a lot easier to find. When you do not tell your agent what you really want, it will be almost impossible for you to get it. 


2. Try to work with people and not bankers as the seller. 


If a bank is selling the house, it will always come down to the bottom line or standards at the corporate office. Also, the houses that are bank owned are often inundated with offers from local investors. There is no reason to swim with the sharks when the best deals are possibly waiting outside of that pool.


3. Work Fast

When you know what you can afford, what you want, and have a strong agent helping your find it, work fast to get the best house. Too many delays can cause you to lose out. The houses for sale are visible to the rest of the market as well. The best deals go fast, so you need to as well.







Everyone wants to save money, so buying a foreclosure seems like a good idea.


However, what a buyer means by "Foreclosure" and what a website means

seems to be two separate ideas. 

A buyer means a property that is being sold by a bank for less than what it can be purchased on the real estate market. They have images of flipping houses and hidden equity built up by television

foreclosure rre

shows that seem to show how easy it is to turn a moldy house into a palace. The websites list foreclosures as properties that have had papers filed in court on them. The owner may be behind on their home or not. There may be a short sale or a Deed in lieu of Foreclosure in progress. The house may already have been sold. None of this is taken in mind when it says Foreclosure. 

THE BIG SECRET: HOUSES on the MLS INCLUDE those THAT are FORECLOSED. This means REALTORS sell foreclosed houses all the time. They do not sell them before title work is complete. 

THE BIG CLUE: Houses that say ACTIVE are for sale. 







For Sale By Owners


When dealing with For Sale by Owners on the Market place, my primary advice is to list your home with a REALTOR or at least examine the evidence of whether this would be the right choice. We are licensed professionals who are constantly working to hewn our skills to sell your home. We empower you to deal with the market with the best data and the least amount of hassle.

If you still want to persist in selling your home yourself, please call me and I will go over some options that might help you in the process.

New Listings


I am currently working on two new listings and many very exciting listings in progress. I would love to work with you to buy one of these deals in Lawton. Feel free to peruse the site and check out the link to Featured listings on my home page. I look forward to working with you real soon.

Up and At 'Em

I just returned from RE/MAX Best Fest where I listened to some great speakers. One thing that really got me was the description of our constant struggle. The struggle is against our selves, especially our own desire for comfort. The speaker used the story of getting out of bed to exercise daily. The struggle is with the desire to stay in bed. The ideas that pop in your head are such as, "It is warm here. It is comfortable here. I can do that later." If you give into that voice you soon find yourself going months without exercise. If you daily fight against that voice you find yourself much healthier and more able to fight other such battles with you self throughout the day. So today I urge you to get up and get at 'em. You will not have today again.

RE/MAX Professionals 1701 NW Cache Road Lawton, OK 73507


Weekly Update

I have a new Assistant helping me with keeping order in the office here on the corner of 17th and Cache. Everyone make welcome Shamberly Coleman to the Wright Team. This summer was filled with sales. I was able to get under contract most of my listings (by the Grace of God). I am now rebuilding my listing portfolio. The best sales story was I listed a home that expired from another company after being on the market for a year. In three weeks of listing the property we had a contract that sold it for only $1,000 less than asking price. That was great! As I worked with buyers I was able to help many purchase homes and some purchase investment properties. Both are great ideas. In our current market it is easy to save money by buying a home. Purchasing is often cheaper than renting. Investment properties are still numerous on the market. Many good homes are priced right where with minimal effort you can start receiving rental income.  It is exciting to see good home sales in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Welcome to Lawton

I am glad you dropped by. When I first came to Lawton, as a young officer's wife, I was scared of what might be waiting for me. The town looked strange and the weather was changeable. I have since come to love this rugged land with the open and friendly people. I enjoy helping others to experience the best Lawton has to offer. This is the frontier, the land of opportunity. Welcome to Lawton. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Home in Lawton

Welcome to the site. I love Lawton. My family moved here for my husband to be a Field Artillery officer in the US Army, but we are from South Carolina. Lawton has a very inviting group of people, ranging from historic lawtonians to many people who have retired here with the military. It is a place where both soldiers of the Field Artillery and Air Defense Artillery find themselves stationed every few years and becomes a home. My husband is currently seeking to become a Chaplain by attaining a master's degree, so we have made Lawton our home. We purchased a cute home where our children can play in the backyard and make lifelong friends. These are reasons I am in Real Estate. I believe in the American dream of homeownership. I especially believe in the positive difference it makes for our families. RMEMBER: I am here for you at RE/MAX Professionals on the corner of Cache Road and 17th Street. If you need a friend to help you look into purchasing a home, drop on by.
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